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About Us / Discovery Classes

Discovery Classes are offered for four Sundays twice a year – in March and October.  These classes are for new and prospective members who want to know more about our church. Topics to be covered are:

  • Discovering Church Membership - Taught by Dale Sloan & Doris Henderson
    • This session teaches what we believe about God, the Bible, man, salvation, baptism, and the church.
  • Discovering Spiritual Maturity - Taught by Dale Sloan
    • Information is provided on how to get a grasp on God’s Word - related to prayer, tithing, fellowship, and establishing a quiet time with God.
  • Discovering Ministry - Taught by Doris Henderson
    • This session provides information on using one’s SHAPE (Spiritual gifts, Heart or Passion, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences) in God’s work. It is aimed at helping each person to discover his/her SHAPE and how to get involved in ministry at FABC.

These sessions will enable members and prospects to get acquainted with one another and with ministers and ministries.  Everyone will eat dinner with the ministers, hear about the various programs, and have any questions answered.

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