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Ministries / Senior Adults (The "Diamond Set")

The senior adults at Friendly Avenue Baptist Church (a.k.a. the "Diamond Set") like to get up and go! There is no reason to be inactive if you are a senior adult at FABC. Use the links below to learn more about our various senior adult activities.

  • THE DIAMOND SET - The official homepage and connecting point for the Senior Adult Ministry
  • DAY TRIPS - Get out and exlpore the world in a fun and simple way
  • SENIOR SINGERS - Our senior adult choir provides a special outlet for musically talented seniors
  • ACTIVITIY DAYS - Be a part of our many fellowship opporunities for seniors
  • QUILTING - Those who stich together, stick together
  • SENIOR ADULT BIBLE STUDY - Join our Wednesday Morning Bible Study and be encouraged in your faith
  • NEWSLETTER - Stay connected with our bi-monthly newsletter

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