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Welcome to the Student Ministry's website. We hope you will find this to be a helpful resource to you and your family. Here you can learn about the ministry and how it is impacting our youth, our families, our church, and our community! Use the links below to learn more about us.

  • UPCOMING EVENTS - Check out what major events are coming down the pipe
  • THE ATTIC - This is the time the students connect for food, fun, fellowship, and worship
  • THE TREE - This is the time the students grow deeper in their biblical studies in small groups
  • SERVE SPHERES - This is the time students use their gifts and talents to serve the church and community.
  • YOUTH/FAMILY DEVOTIONS - Stay up-to-date with what our youth are learning and be a part of the process
  • RESOURCES - Many additional resources have been provided to help you grow our youth

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